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[spoilers]Aaaargh why did you ruin your excellent game??!
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[spoilers]Aaaargh why did you ruin your excellent game??!

Before I start the rant I need to emphasize that- a. I love Overture and BP looks even better in some aspects. b. This is meant as constructive criticism as well as a place to vent my anger.

One of the things that made Overture such a powerful experience was the sense of truly being isolated- walking alone in that dreary complex did much to enhance the atmosphere, the feeling of despair.
Sure, you had Red but his communings were scarce. And when he spoke he only contribued to the experience with his madman drivels, superbly acted.

Not so in BP.
Spoiler below!
This no-name character inside your head keeps nagging. He has something to say every five minutes- pointless stuff. Trying to be sarcastic. Without real success. The voice-acting is terrible- he sounds like a cartoon character.
He is ruining my experience in what looks like, in any other aspect, a worthy sequel.

Thats it, I finished my rant. Im only at the beginning (Infirmary)- is it going to be like that all the way?
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