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So I watched the video because I couldn't resist anymore.... The monster looks so small lol Why doesn't Mandus just kick it? It looked grotesque, but not really threatening, *BUT*, when put into context I have a feeling it's going to be something really screwed up....

And as much as I disliked PewDiePie, I lol'd at the painting part

(08-25-2013, 09:19 PM)Plectrum61 Wrote:
(08-25-2013, 04:55 PM)Magnum66 Wrote:
(08-24-2013, 10:08 PM)Derxor Wrote: What are* FGs fans opinion on Markiplier?

Really late to this but I like Markiplier! I found him about 2 weeks ago and thought he was really great. Clever and witty, made me have some laughs. His experience through first Amnesia from what I watched looked really cool as well. If anyone deserved to play through the game early I would say him. Even then I still don't think anyone should have been able to.

Also late but what the heck I need to get this of my chest.
Markiplier made me respect let's players again. Like Magnum said: Clever and witty, I always enjoy his videos. What I also find good about him, is that he always gives feedback after he played an indie game. He explains what's good and what needs to be improved of the game which is something everyone should do actually. Also, his personal messages to the subscribers is something I always enjoy. And I totally agree with you, Magnum. I prefer Mark playing Amnesia then PDP.
*His voice is also sexy*

I can't stand Markiplier, he's just as bad as PewDiePie. Check out ChristopherOdd, he's the most genuine lets player out there, and refuses to use facecalm because he doesn't want to ruin the immersion for his viewers. He also records "Lets Discuss" live streams with fans to discuss videogames, and he has these cool "Odd Intermissions" where he updates his fans on what he's got planned.


My favorite Lets Player ^^
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