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md5 checksum error and no suitable frontend error
Urkle Offline
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Solved: 6 Years, 11 Months ago RE: md5 checksum error and no suitable frontend error

An MD5 is simply a checksum of the contents of the file. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checksum

Having the incorrect checksum means that your file is corrupted on disk. Now at one point you had a copy of the file with the correct MD5 (which I posted above). If you are having MD5 checksum issues loading that file, then it is most likely that A your harddrisk is failing, or B you have bad memory in your system. (probably the memory). I would suggest running memory diagnostics on your computer via the memtest86+ which you should be able to install in openSuse from the repositories. (it'll show up in your boot menu)

did you have these issues running the demo version of Amnesia?

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10-15-2010, 02:15 PM
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