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[Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One
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RE: [Released] Ariadne's Ocean Episode One

I'll eventually write a full (nine months late) review, but here's the short version: play this thing. It scratched my H. R. Giger itch in a way that SOMA didn't.

Spoiler below!
The grid puzzle is the second-best part; it's well-designed and surprisingly difficult. The spider enemy is the best part; its environment, sounds, and music are synergistic. I just wish it could display its wall-crawling abilities, like in Frictional's teaser.

Also, play Draugemalf's new mod, Agony of Rain, which I enjoyed even more. It scratched my "meat moss" itch in a way that SOMA didn't.

Spoiler below!
The lack of flashlight is annoying at first, but strengthens the atmosphere. The ambience in the gooey areas is unique and terrifying, especially at the end. The visuals are gorgeous and repulsive. How does the new enemy work? My first thought was, "Hey, it's Ross." My second thought was, "Oh no, it can see."
11-27-2017, 05:07 AM

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