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The Dark Mod (Thief style total conversion)
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RE: The Dark Mod (Thief style total conversion)

Stop crying!

Halloween is not over yet!

All the Halloween Speed Build Contest entrants have released their missions.

Samhain Night on Bone Hill (Author: PranQster)
House in Blackbog Hollow (Author: Stumpy)
A Night to Remember (Author: Fieldmedic)
The Creeps (Author: Mortem Desino) (Inspired by Frictional Games GDC presentation )
Dragon's Claw (Author: Bikerdude)

Plus, a bonus creepy mission outside the contest:

Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Authors: Sir Taffsalot and Bikderdude)

Stop by Moddb and check-out the details and screens!


Stop by The Dark Mod forums to vote for your favorites.


Now get back to celebrating this important fall occasion!
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