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The Dark Mod (Thief style total conversion)
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The Dark Mod (Thief style total conversion)

Hi there!

I am posting here to help promote my favorite game modification "The Dark Mod". It's a total conversion mod that turns Doom 3 into a stealthy steam-punk game similar to the classic Thief series (Thief 1 & 2). Traditionally the folks who own Doom 3 aren't big stealth fans and aren't keen on the alternate-history setting of The Dark Mod... while Thief fans are a bit more receptive many are not willing to chance a purchase of Doom 3 to try the mod. I thought that since there are many Amnesia and Penumbra fans amongst the Thief and Dark Mod communities that I would create a thread here to see if there is a mutual respect and to introduce the mod to a new audience.

(Above image from Bikerdude's mission "St Alban's Cathedral"

I also see that Amnesia has begun a "fan mission" tradition. Thief 2 players have 900 of them for their game. The Dark Mod is an extension of that tradition and there are currently over 35 fan missions.

If I were to name a Dark Mod mission that has a sufficient horror element to appeal to Amnesia fans for that aspect, I would recommend trying Sotha's "The Glenham Tower" (from his 5 mission Thomas Porter series).

The Dark Mod site:
Moddb presence:

Are you familiar with The Dark Mod?

Please share your thoughts.


If you want a taste of the game, one of the veteran players "lowenz" has made some videos here:
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