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Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)
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RE: Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)

(07-05-2012, 10:23 PM)GeneralGregsworth Wrote: I really hope this doesen't fuck up a lang file like the original one does, it basicly just deletes all of your hard work that you have to re-assembly. Don't know if i dare to test this though.

Doooo iiiit.

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07-05-2012, 10:30 PM
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RE: Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)

(12-31-2011, 04:00 AM)palistov Wrote: Apjjm strikes again! Minds will be blown!
Already poking at it! Looks very neat and easy to use Smile

I'll add to this later but so far:

1) When using Save As, Append and Open, default directory is set to Documents folder. Perhaps have it default to the app's parent directory? I placed mine in the Amnesia root, but was sad-face panda when I saw it jumping to my Docs folder (which is miles away from Amnesia's directory. Relatively.)

Never mind, app remembers directory after you actually open/save/append something

2) If user chooses Open while an unsaved work is in progress, it erases said WIP. It's bad practice to not save your work, but of course this might cause some unfortunate folks to lose work.

3) Raw text used in the app is put directly into the lang file -- return characters aren't converted into [br]. Might want to make a note to folks to let them know to use [br] when they want a new line/paragraph.

Strange Question: Sometimes when I'm trying to type, it does a shortcut to a file with the starting letter. So I can't write down stuff. Why?

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02-22-2014, 01:39 AM
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RE: Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)

Nice Necro-ing bro.

Sometimes Windows is stupid and make some keys to be connected to something. I never experienced this on Windows or on the app, but it happens on my browser. A lot. Usually restarting the app will probably do the trick.

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02-22-2014, 02:11 AM
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RE: Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)

The link is broken for me.
04-05-2019, 12:44 AM

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