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A machine for Pig's, The industrial revolution and it's applicability, brainstorm
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A machine for Pig's, The industrial revolution and it's applicability, brainstorm

Hello everyone I am new here, but I want to talk about the new amnesia game. I've only played a bit of D.D.
Yet would like to talk about the next installment.
As we can presume the game takes place in a industrial revolution theme with some steam punk.
The title gives away a really big hint to what the main featured areas of the game is going to be.
Since it's called A machine for pigs we ca go with meat packing.
Also upton sinclair's The Jungle.
Even if the novel was more about discrimination and corruption during this era the health standards were terrible.

So Factories, they give a whole dangerous feeling to them. A metal urgy factory for instance could be old and dangerous, or it could be meant to give off a intense feeling of heat and claustrophobia.

A textile factory, Knitting and knitting, haunted sowing machines or creepy stuff moving would be a cool feature for the oh so boring textile factory.

Finally a meat packing facility, make it disgusting as possible Gross out factor is a major part of what you might want, make it to where the player will go vegan for a month and you know your doing it right. Saws, conveyors, hooks.

Even if this is all fine and dandy to really give the feeling of oh god wtf, or ugh barf and oh god oh god.
You must give a good back ground, A metal factory would be fairly difficult other than heat and molten metal there isn't much when it comes to background. Possible multiple deaths and accident's would be great. Like one part of the factory people try to avoid due to how unsafe it is.

Textile factory, exploit the fact that until the peddle sewing machine the condition's were terrible just utterly bad. Cramped and the temperature was awful. As well as sexism etc. Possibly it's haunted by a spirit or something of a dead worker who was murdered by a overseer.

Meat packing, Unsanitary, RATS RATS RATS. Spit, blood, dirt, old meat.
Really as said above the creepiest things about factories is the gross conditions and the fact people could of died there.

For a setting say outside such places. I'd love to see a almost pitch black sky and just a sense of awfulness. That something is not right with the place's you are told to go and the roads you walk on. Sounds of muggings and gun fire. Creeping footsteps.

So these are just brainstormed ideas.
Give me you thoughts.

04-21-2012, 10:27 AM

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