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Getting back into the scripting business!
Dizturbed Offline

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Information  Getting back into the scripting business!

I used to mod / script before, I mainly modded Amnesia custom stories, I worked on my stories all night long before. I got into programming, not expert stuff, something everyone could learn in a hurry, and I've been wanting to start to program more mods you know, for a timeburner and just for fun, can anyone relate to this or give me some tips on how to get back into the scripting business? Smile


And now, everyone is ahead of me in everything.
I can just think of the days where I would spend all my days scripting and trying to make good stories. It's like I get a little nostalgia inside of me.

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07-30-2012, 10:36 AM
Adny Offline
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RE: Getting back into the scripting business!

There's not much to do aside from advertise yourself in order to "get back into the scripting business". Simply make a thread that says you're willing to help someone script their mod will work. Also, if you solely want to script for others, you'll need to show that you have more koala-fications than just "something everyone could learn in a hurry". Working in the level editor and scripting go hand-in-hand, I'd really suggest becoming proficient in both.

Here are a few sites I highly recommend you check out if you want to advance to a higher level of scriptology:

(These two I keep on hand in case I forget functions or some basic stuff)

(Basic C++ stuff, very applicable to this engine's AngelScript)

I'm not sure how advanced you are in scripting, but if you're up for it you could take a look at the original game's code. If not, you can look at a mod's code, it's very likely it will be much easier to understand and learn from.

Hope that helped!

I rate it 3 memes.
07-30-2012, 10:50 AM

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