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Spoiler I had to attempt this
NinjaB0LT Offline
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Tongue  I had to attempt this

[Image: A7209E672FC0212CB9E3F5746E6853822EEE528F]
it worked...... the balls just rolled weird..
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09-11-2013, 02:56 AM
Derxor Offline

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RE: I had to attempt this

Oh shit, i totally forgot! FFFUUUUU

My youtube channel where I do some guitar covers.
09-11-2013, 02:57 AM
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Tilukonfdz Offline
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RE: I had to attempt this

That's pretty cool that someone attempted this.
09-11-2013, 05:17 AM
Bek Offline
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RE: I had to attempt this

First thing I did was throw a ball up against the roof; it hit a rafter, bounced back down and went in a hole. Did it a few more times. Either I was really lucky or it's somehow easy.
09-11-2013, 06:37 AM
Potato Offline
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RE: I had to attempt this

I spent the time playing a small game, though it actually wasn't really a game at all, I just threw all the balls into the holes. Tongue

I was hoping I could get some sort of reward like a small music cue.

[Image: o8JPTkt.jpg]
upsilon floorbot is a qt pa2t
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09-11-2013, 06:55 AM

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