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Amnesia: Gone Home prototype
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Amnesia: Gone Home prototype


From the blog:

Quote:So it came as quite a surprise for me when I learned that Steve Gaynor, one of the people behind the phenomenal Gone Home, had sent this sort of mail to us! I met him briefly at GDC this spring, and was quite amazed to hear that the very first prototype of the game was made in HPL2. He had mailed and asked if the engine would be possible to use for a commercial game, and got the usual response. Fortunately this did not discourage the team from continuing. It also seems like they took our advice since the final version of Gone Home is made in Unity. I really wanted to see the level, and told Steve that I would mail him when I got back from GDC. But as always other stuff happened and I just pushed the thing forward. I swear that I had "Mail Steve about Amnesia: Gone Home" written on my todo list for 6 months!

Then Steve mailed me for totally different reasons, and I decided I really had to get this Gone Home prototype over with. He scavenged his files and managed to dig out the map. This was during the whole SOMA teaser campaign and I did not have time to look right away. A few days ago things finally settled down a bit and it was time to take a look.

The prototype is quite short and very basic; it is really more of a proof of concept. But it still gives a very good sense of the game, and having played the full version, I could recognize quite a bit. It does feel a bit awkward to play an early test like this though. Gone Home is a very personal game, and playing this prototype felt like a meta version of the game's voyeuristic thematics.

If you want to try the level out yourself, you can download it from here:
Just extract the file in the "custom_stories" directory in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, start the game, press "Custom Story" and select and start "Test Game".

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10-23-2013, 05:39 PM
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RE: Amnesia: Gone Home prototype

Pretty awesome stuff. Obviously the game wouldn't have worked in the Amnesia editor, it would have had to have been a drastically different game. It does get my own creative wheels spinning though for what i could do in a custom story
10-23-2013, 11:35 PM

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