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Game updates Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You do not need these updates if you have the game on a service such as Steam. You do not need these updates if you have recently downloaded the game, the full game installs are always updated to include any updates we make.

2015 February 9th, Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.3.1 Update

2015 February 9th - 1.3.1 released as full install only. Download from the store you bought the game from.

2011 May 17, Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.2 Update

2015 February 9th - 1.3.1 released as full install only. Download from the store you bought the game from.

2011 May 17, Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.2 Update

- Fixes various crash issues related to the added gamepad support in 1.3.
- Fixed being able to rebind the lean buttons.
- Updated launcher to correctly limit SSAO samples to 32x.
- Fix crash related to certain profile names.
- Added proper version of libs (Windows only).

- Compatibility improvements with modern OS releases.

- Fixed Mouse sensitivtiy acting weird at certain aspect ratios
- Added full gamepad support.
- Arrow keys and enter can be used for GUI selection.

- Added support for FBX files and Collada models exported in 3D Max.
- Added Enemy_ManPig entity type.
- Added script function (SetInDarknessEffectsActive) for disabling the InDarkness effects.
- Added script function (StartInsanityEvent) for starting a specific insanity event.
- Added script function (StopCurrentInsanityEvent) for stopping any currently active insanity event.
- Added script function (SetPlayerFallDamageDisabled) for disabling fall damage
- Added script function (SetEntityVisible) for making an entity's mesh invisible
- Added script function (ReplaceEntity) for replacing an entity with a new one.
- Added script function (PlaceEntityAtEntity) for placing an entity at another entity.
- Added script functions (SetBodyMass, GetBodyMass) for getting and setting mass of bodies.
- Added script function (SetEnemySanityDecreaseActive) for turning off an enemy's sanity effects.
- Added script function (GetEnemyStateName) for getting an enemy's state as a string.
- Added Script function (TeleportEnemyToNode) for teleporting enemies to path nodes.
- Added script function (SetPlayerJumpForceMul) for setting a jump force multiplier.
- Added script function (AlertEnemyOfPlayerPresence) for making enemy search for player around the player's position.
- Added script functions (SetPlayerPos, GetPlayerPosX, GetPlayerPosY, GetPlayerPosZ) for setting and getting the player's position.
- Added script functions (SetEntityPos, GetEntityPosX, GetEntityPosY, GetEntityPosZ) for setting and getting the position of entities.
- Added script functions (StringToInt, StringToFloat, StringToBool) for converting strings to other types.
- Added script functions (MathSin, MathCos, MathTan, MathAsin, MathAcos, MathAtan, MathAtan2, MathSqrt, MathPow, MathMin, MathMax, MathClamp, MathAbs) for doing some math operations.
- Replaced AddAttachedPropToProp with AttachPropToProp. The new version fixes an issue where the Z rotation parameter would be used as the Z position. The old version still works and has the same behavior as before but will trigger a warning message.

- F2 now does a quick map reload when Debug menu is loaded
- F3 now fast forwards the game when Debug menu is loaded
- Errors and warnings can now be seen in-game by checking a box in the debug menu

- Fixed crashes related to destroying attached props.
- Removed ModelEditor error message when an animation has step events with no value specified.
- Fixed bone_pile_human2.dae that caused the level editor to crash when trying to open the morgue level.

Updated entities and/or models
- hand.ent
- agrippa.ent
- alexander-ent
- ritual_prisoner.ent
- rat.ent
- servant_brute.ent
- servant_grunt.ent
- rope_beam02.ent
- spider.ent
- corpse_male.ent
- grunt_body_part1.ent
- grunt_body_part2.ent
- pig_corpse.ent
- rat_corpse.ent
- rag_plague_corpse.ent
- slime_anim_ceiling.ent
- slime_anim_wall.ent
- worn_hay_mattress.ent
- ceiling_doll.ent
- chained_prisoner.ent
- enemy_suitor.ent
- enemy_suitor_alois.ent
- enemy_suitor_basile.ent
- enemy_suitor_malo.ent
- graveyard_corpse.ent
- ritual_prisoner_noillum.ent
- worn_hay_mattress_slow.ent
- spinning_cogwheel_negative.ent
- bone_pile_human2.ent

-Added the expansion "Justine". Launch it from the Launcher, using the Justine button.
-Added complete Russian translation.
-Fixed typo in english.lang.
-Mouse movement should scale better if you have really wide setups (as in multiple monitors).
-Show icons when no cross active.
Inventory script
-Fixed typo on variable name.
- Add details to part of map where people explore.
-Fixed static that clipped through wall.
-Moved PlayerStart after teleporting to vision, hopefully fixing problem some with low end computers have.
-Fixed hole into library, should fix player "bouncing" out from hole and not into.
-Implemented a simple fix for incorrect chemical jar.
-Move boxed and debris a bit to minimize chance of lurky hitting player while on the box.
-Added extra collider boxes to keep player from falling out of level (very unlikely).
-Added colliders below stairs so that pipe entities can't get stuck.
-Fixed the three steam pipes getting stuck in steam burst mode.
-Fixed z-conflict between two static meshes.
-Moved the slime that could potentially block the door by mistake.

-Going into cave and into the void.
-In the passage with stabs, possible to look under floor.
-Torch goes through wall.
-The web reappears if leaving the level and entering a gain after using acid.
-Texture fixes.
-Falling out of level in corner.
-Carpet with dirt on it.
-Water thing might be less prone to attack on boxes. Might.
-Texture fixes.
-Texture fixes.
-No colliders on bottom of stairs in main room
-Fixed door in wall.
-Fire gives damage.
-Getting stuck behind machine.
level15 N/S
-Can jump through the gap in the floor without widening it.
-Falling out of map by cavein and in a crypt wall.
-Pushed out of level by grunt.
-Magnetic boxes.
level 18
-Saved the valve that was forgotten.
-Texture fixes.
level 22/27
-Texture fixes.
-Capture improvements.
-Going through railing.
-Less chance of circle running.
level 24
-Texture fixes.
-Found some "on the moon" objects.
-Repositioned some red slime web.
-Pressing ESC while binding a new key ends up in quite the predicament.
-Improved binding to mouse buttons beyond the first 3
-Herbery diary part 3 distorts.
-New page tag in italian translation.
-Misc english translation fixes.
-English manual minor fixes.
-Minor german translation fix.
- Fix for ATI X 1000-series
- Forced cache loading (increases load speed)
- Draw buffers enabled in gbuffer shaders (fixes issues on some cards)
- Fixed ladder climbing crash bug
- Fixed item combine crash bug
- The crash flag check is removed.
- Rotation interaction now works better with mouse smoothing off.
- Fixed wheel-rope connection save bug
- Lean does not interfere with scripting
- Lancher saves log file to proper folder
- Some settings are now properly saved to cfg files.

Mac Specific
- Added support for starting editing tools with the Launcher.
- Fixed a problem that prevented left click from working while the alt/option key was pressed down.

- Vsync works.
- Better support for keyboard layouts under certain languages.
- Crash issue when loading cetain levels.

Linux Specific
- Fixed crashes when running game in read only installation directory
- Fixed crashes when transitioning between some levels
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RE: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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