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Real life Brennenburg castel
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RE: Real life Brennenburg castel

(01-13-2014, 09:26 PM)daortir Wrote: Nope you're not ! Old libraries always fascinated me -as they most likely fascinate a lot of people- and I really loved the Archives for this reason ! I wouldn't be in the room you were thinking of though, but instead I would be in the large archives hallway with the paintings and the collapsed ceiling, watching the cold, foggy winter outside while being warmed up by the fireplace...

In the whole castle though, I prefer the transept to the archives, it's more unique I think ^^. This sick, green light fascinates me.

I'm more into how things were thought out and decided. Bascially Psychology and the things they knew, both spiritually and scientifilly
but I'm talkin' about any old castle.

(02-16-2014, 07:34 PM)WIWWM Wrote: I have a bunch of maps to remake. ONWARD!

Idk how far I'll get but i think ill just start remaking rainy hall, see where it goes.

Just gonna do as I have spare time. Probably make a thread for map by map creations.

Don't expect miracles. I wanna see this become a thing.

Well here I am assuming that frictional games doesn't mind if I mess with their maps, If someone messed with one of my released maps I would be pretty mad! Should I just keep making or specifically ask them in an email?

I would just be interested in remaking the castle like a museum. No story. Just roaming(perhaps later a story and stuff) but just concentrate on the maps, please. But if you want help. Heck, I'm in!

2 Mappers are definitely better than one.
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