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Texture, Model & Animation Help Want to get a Blender animation into Amnesia
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Want to get a Blender animation into Amnesia

I need some help/walk-through on getting a Blender animation imported into Amnesia and working properly!

To start off with, I want to work with the simplest Animation I can think of.

-1 Face Mask Model + Texture all ready
-1 Bone
-1 Animation (Armature name is "Armature : Bone name is "Bone")

[Image: MCopIO6.png]

He will only move and rotate.

He does a little dance over 100 frames and it will repeat.

So what do I do now or need before I continue?


Went rummaging through the forums and testing things and I'm pleased to say that I was am able to get Blender animations working. (Runs perfectly well in-game)

Just a couple of kinks to work out and I will be done!
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