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Now Taking Story/Script Submissions for Horror Series
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Video  Now Taking Story/Script Submissions for Horror Series


As some of the community knows, I'm COO over at an Indie Film Studio/Company located in the Midwest (company: Open Sign Productions Website - Open Sign Productions Facebook). We currently have a full length feature film with world-wide distribution titled Phantom of the Woods (Trailer 1 Trailer 2), another full length feature film in post production titled The Stray (Teaser Trailer), and have over 35 short films to our name.

We are in cooperation with another company, Mike the Pike Productions, in creating a hub of Horror and all things odd. This channel is titled "HorrorHive". Here on the Facebook page, we have over 2,000 likes and on the YouTube page, about 200 subscribers. If the community here is interested in Horror (I'm assuming everyone is), then there is much content to watch for on HorrorHive, including Let's Plays (we coined them Let's Slays).

My companies #1 web series that is quite popular is a series I created myself, titled PHOBIA. With much joy, my company was able to start making PHOBIA's exclusively for HorrorHive. The show is now on it's third season after a very, very successful second season. Our most popular episode has reached 6,000 views, and others just behind it.

Link to Season 2 Playlist
Link to Season 1 Playlist

(Recommend watching Season 2 first, as the quality is much higher)

We're currently filming/producing Season 3 throughout this Summer. HorrorHive is all about content from all over the world, and user submitted content is always nice. We're currently taking story and script submissions that could be possibly made into PHOBIA episodes! Now, all episodes must be 10 minutes or less (preferably 3-5 minutes). So submissions must be 10-12 pages or less to be considered. Each submission that meets that requirement will be read by the producers and within a few weeks, those that are chosen, we will contact the author with more details.

I know there are many writers here on the forums as I've been here for quite a while and I am interested in seeing any submissions. Even if one wishes to send us only a paragraph of something spooky, that's completely fine.

To submit, either email me at jrs@opensignprods.com or send me a PM through the Fictional forums. Any questions on any of our projects, submissions, etc, just post below.

Thank you,

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05-25-2015, 10:14 PM
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RE: Now Taking Story/Script Submissions for Horror Series

Well sir, you've come to the right place for good horror stories!

Good luck everyone! Big Grin
05-26-2015, 07:00 AM

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