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Questions : Engine, Combat system, Object Interaction
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Questions : Engine, Combat system, Object Interaction

Is the new engine similar to the penumbra engine, or is it completley re-built ?
Will there be alot of interaction with objects as in Penmubra, or will you just simply pick up an object, or open a door with the click of a button ?
What would work best in your opinion ?
The interaction with the objects in the Penumbra series really added to the game giving it a much more realistic feeling. I think that the interaction with objects is a great way of making the game more realistic making it easy to solve a puzzle in many different ways. This would definietly work for your advantage imo on Amnesia.

Will weapons be available to use ?
If so, will the combat-system be easier to controll than in Penumbra, or will it have the same kind of system ?

Please discuss these topics here ! =)

"Red" will live on in all of us ..
11-12-2009, 10:22 PM
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RE: Questions : Engine, Combat system, Object Interaction

About engine:
Penumbra used HPL and Amnesia will use HPL2. HPL2 uses a lot of the code from HPL as base, but a lot of it has be changed and many features have been added. The rendering pipeline is completely different in HPL2.
11-13-2009, 09:03 AM

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