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SOMA Level Editor crashes when loading certain maps
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Solved: 8 Years ago SOMA Level Editor crashes when loading certain maps

EDIT: Literally just now found the way to fix it... I just copied a working .hpm file and after renaming it and changing the ID in the first line, it just works. Probably related to the skybox texture file missing or something the like?

Either way, that's how I got it to work, for anyone interested!


Hey, I have had this issue for a bit and it's becoming pretty hard to work with.

Loading certain maps from SOMA, mainly 02_01_ms_curie_outside.hpm and 02_05_theta_inside.hpm, crashes the Level Editor right after it'd finish loading.

The LevelEditor.log file doesn't have anything noteworthy inside of it either, and with 16GB RAM that definitely shouldn't be a problem either!

There certainly has to be some way to get it working as the devs themselves did get to save these maps in their current states, but even setting everything to the lowest settings possible didn't seem to resolve this issue.

If anyone has some ideas or found a way to fix this (if this isn't just an issue on my side), I'd love to hear of it!
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