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Penumbra in 3D depth/relief ?
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RE: Penumbra in 3D depth/relief ?

I am no expert (far from it) on 3D, but some answers:

60hz -> 100hz:
It is not possible to "hack" a monitor into doing this. When I said hack I just described how some software that comes with 3D glasses might work (and did not mean that the user had to do any hacking). Also, that "hack" was just something it did with the way the API (OpenGL or D3D) worked.

Dark areas:
3d is 3d, I am not sure why darkness would make any difference. The only thing that is really bad in 3d are 2d elements like flares, explosions etc. At least according to what I have read. Have not tested.
02-08-2010, 07:47 AM

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