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Critical bug breaking FC mods on Mac (+fix)
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Not Solved Critical bug breaking FC mods on Mac (+fix)

Edit: This has been fixed and the game now prompts a warning and continues rather than crashing.

I've discovered a critical bug on the Mac version of Amnesia which prevents the launch of existing full conversion mods. This occurs on both Steam and retail from what I have tested.

This bug has been around for a while (possibly since 1.3), but I only just went to test and find the cause. And the cause is... *drumroll*

The SDL2 configs. Specifically the:
  • default_main_settings_sdl2.cfg
  • default_user_keys_sdl2.cfg

It looks like these files are used for controller support? They were added in 1.3 I believe, as they weren't present before.

Now, the files themselves aren't the issue; the absence of them IS. Pretty much every single mod out there does NOT include these files. They also do NOT include these lines from "main_init.cfg":

DefaultMainSettingsSDL2 = "config/default_main_settings_sdl2.cfg"
DefaultUserKeysSDL2    = "config/default_user_keys_sdl2.cfg"

Because of this, the config file fails to load. These two lines must be included, even if they just point to the default ones in /config. This is also not required on Windows which is probably why it slipped your attention. For whatever reason they must be included on Mac.
Could you perhaps push out an update to add the default ones if the lines are absent OR do it like it's done on Windows (if it differs)?

This is a pretty big deal for any Mac user wanting to play mods.

Here's a temp fix to play mods

Go to the mod's config folder. Find main_init.cfg and open it with TextEdit. Add the two lines above under the ConfigFiles tag. Here's an example:

Spoiler below!
PHP Code: (Select All)
Materials "mods/example/config/materials.cfg" 
Game "mods/example/config/game.cfg" 
Menu "mods/example/config/menu.cfg"
PreMenu "mods/example/config/pre_menu.cfg"
Demo "config/demo.cfg"
DefaultMainSettings "mods/example/config/default_main_settings.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsSDL2 "config/default_main_settings_sdl2.cfg" //Add this line

DefaultMainSettingsLow "launcher/default_main_settings_low.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsMedium "launcher/default_main_settings_medium.cfg"
DefaultMainSettingsHigh "launcher/default_main_settings_high.cfg"

DefaultUserSettings "mods/example/config/default_user_settings.cfg"
DefaultUserKeys        "config/default_user_keys.cfg"
DefaultUserKeysSDL2    "config/default_user_keys_sdl2.cfg" //Add this line
DefaultBaseLanguage "base_english.lang"
DefaultGameLanguage "english.lang"

It seems this might be required on Windows after all. I've had different results so I'm not sure.

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