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[SPOILERS] SOMA unsolved mysteries thread
cantremember Offline
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RE: [SPOILERS] SOMA unsolved mysteries thread

Probably late to the party but after turning off lighting effects and make everything bright you can see the construct's path with spots of structure gel.

I believe the headless body in the omnitool room is a WAU creation (might be similar to Simon), and the screams you hear is the construct killing him.

Reason I think that is because the screams when the construct gets violent don't sound like just the construct, but something else screaming, and there were no humans left in Upsilon (except for Carl's dead body upstairs and Amy in the shuttle station). Also in some cut content there was an interaction with him that revealed he was a disoriented WAU thing.

Probably nothing really new there but my point is that even in the current canon version of the game, there's a WAU creation similar to Simon in the omnitool room, that was still alive up until the point the construct gets in there and goes nuts on him.
07-31-2017, 12:16 PM
Abion47 Offline
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RE: [SPOILERS] SOMA unsolved mysteries thread

There was definitely the other guy in that room getting attacked by the Construct. However, I don't see it as very likely that he was another Simon-like Mockingbird. For one, there is only the one Pilot Seat in Upsilon, and Simon himself is occupying it. For another, a humanoid Mockingbird requires a human body as a host, and all the humans from Upsilon are accounted for.

But even if he was a humanoid Mockingbird, that still doesn't explain what he was doing there. Like I said, everyone from Upsilon was accounted for, and Upsilon itself was in a state of lockdown. No one else from the entirety of Pathos-II had any reason to go anywhere near Upsilon. (Imogen Reed is the one exception, but her body was used for Simon.)

08-05-2017, 04:43 AM

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