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[CUSTOM ENTITY]: Red Wax Candle
HappyMatt12345 Offline
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Star  [CUSTOM ENTITY]: Red Wax Candle

So I created a custom asset for my custom story Order of the Skull, and I figured I might as well share it, as it was a pain to make, so I don't want to restrict it to only my mod. Basically its a re-textured version of the candle_floor entity with red wax, I hope you find it useful!

To download the file, click the attachment named "HappyMatt12345's_Red_Candle.rar", feel free to use it, as long as I am credited properly.

To use it, place the folder in the .rar file in your "entities" folder or elseware as you desire, as long as you remember to pack it with your mod when its complete.

.png   RedCandleCustom.png (Size: 446.55 KB / Downloads: 172)

.png   RedCandleCustomME.png (Size: 72.49 KB / Downloads: 159)

.rar   HappyMatt12345's Red Candle.rar (Size: 361.12 KB / Downloads: 138)

Developer of Order of the Skull
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