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So what about a possible sequel or spin-off?
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So what about a possible sequel or spin-off?

So although this has probably been mentioned or most of you have thought about it but, what's the possibility of an Amnesia sequel / spin-off?

I became intrigued about the mysterious orbs and what power they hold, as well the shadow which protects them and deals with anyone who interacts with them.

I mean the sequel wouldn't have to follow Daniel. I mean it would still have that type of atmosphere and could even have some sort of small mention to the first.

A rough idea or what the story could be:
You play as an explorer who has recently come back from travelling and along the way has come to obtain a mysterious orb in hope to later make a profit from it.
He finally arrives to a large city where at an inn he relaxes and sleeps for the night.
By morning he wakes up and finds the place deserted, his memory blank (probably someone spiked his drink) and the orb gone. In fact when he exits outside, the entire city is deserted and a thick fog has blanketed the place. To make sense he must investigate what has happened, where the orb could be and hopefully escape the city in one piece.

The story could be anything and could even feature Agrippa again but, really would be nice to further explore the world and learn more about the powers that be behind the orbs.
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03-04-2011, 10:53 AM
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RE: So what about a possible sequel or spin-off?

I'm pretty sure Frictional has stated that there won't be a sequel.
Mainly because all of those things we want to know more about, we are supposed to find out ourself.
There is a lot more hidden in the story than you might think.
03-04-2011, 11:58 AM
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RE: So what about a possible sequel or spin-off?

Make a custom story if you want a sequel.

03-04-2011, 07:42 PM
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