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Droopy: Custom Story Soundtracking
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Droopy: Custom Story Soundtracking

I imagine quite a few of the other story makers are interested in making their own or using custom ambient themes and soundscaping, as I am.

That put, I'd be willing to collaborate with those of you interested: I currently don't work with any orchestral pads or anything, basically bass right now, but I'm planning on incorporating a wider variety of elements for future work.

This is an example (A improvised jam):

Obviously the tone and atmosphere of my tracks will differ from Amnesia in a handful of ways, but I'd imagine that they may suit some people's Custom Stories.

That said, I am absolutely willing to make changes and be flexible to fit in with anybody's work.

I'm going to post any other examples of work I do in the future, in case I strike a chord with any of you.

I greatly appreciate your consideration, guys.

Listen to the fear, maybe it's your friend.
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