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Penumbra: Overture - Text Walkthrough
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RE: Complete Walkthrough (finished!)

Make sure you stand on a box or two and don't post all text with caps.
03-24-2008, 09:54 AM
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RE: Complete Walkthrough (finished!)

jens Wrote:Make sure you stand on a box or two and don't post all text with caps.

Sorry for the caps, i was really desperate. thanks for your help:-)
03-25-2008, 02:01 AM
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RE: Complete Walkthrough (finished!)

Great walk through, all I needed was the code for the door to get in to sector C ^^
03-30-2008, 11:22 AM
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RE: Penumbra: Overture - Text Walkthrough

The walkthrough is sometimes incorrect when stating the amount of wolves in certain areas..

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05-14-2009, 02:00 AM
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RE: Penumbra: Overture - Text Walkthrough

I used MS Word I thought I read some where that you wanted someone to do this for you so I did all but the last page so you would get some idea of the difference The fixed part is in the att.

(04-07-2007, 01:14 AM)pikacz Wrote: complete Penumbra: Overture walkthrough by me Smile

Spoiler below!
You start in a cabin on a sailing ship. Use the key from your inventory to open the padlock on the cabinet and pick up the glowstick and the batteries. Pick up the notebook from the table. There's a flashlight in the drawer. In the chest there's a letter. Go outside.
While you're walking in the blizzard pick up a stone and go forward until you find a frozen hatch. Drop the stone onto it, turn the handle and go inside. This is the first time you hear strange voices. Pick up a steel rod that lies next to the door on the left. There's a flare in the box nearby. The other door is closed. There's another flare behind the barrels to the right. Go through the open door and pick up the hammer and a flare on your left. Knock over the wardrobe and use the hammer to bust through the wooden planks. Go through the tunnel and take the first left route up. Walk into the room with a hatch on the floor. Insert the steel rod into the box with a hole in it and turn it to open the hatch. Go through it...
Walk forward until you see the map. I suggest you print it to have it at hand. Find the Storage on the map and go to it. Pick up the empty lighter from the wardrobe on the left. The center door and the door on the right are closed, so go through the door on the left. You enter a room with a box full of stones. Enter the room on the right and pick up painkillers and the batteries from the wardrobe. There is also the first artifact, which you can use to save the game. Go back to the room with the box, take out all stones and move the box to uncover a trapdoor. Go down. You hear the creepy voices again. Crouch to get into the tunnel and take the first right. You see a mummified creature lying on the floor. Take the next right and pick up the note and a flare. Go back and take the first right. Watch out for the steam. Go left and pick up another note. Go back and then to the left. Keep walking until you approach a fence. Use the hammer to destroy the padlock. Pick up the fluid lighter gas and use it on the lighter in your inventory. There are batteries in the chest. Go back all the way to the place where you first turned right and turn right to pick up the ladder. Drag it to the place where you jumped down.
You hear some VERY disturbing noises now. Attach the ladder to the hooks and go up. Go to the room with three doors. Two of them, which were previously locked, are now open. There are traces of blood on the floor. Go through the door on the right and pick up the key and a note from the desk. In the small room on the right you will find a piece of meat and a dead spider on a desk. Go back and walk through the third door. There are two pieces of beef jerky in the drawer. Go back and get out of the Storage. You hear a dog coming, hide quickly and don't move! You can kill the dog later with the hammer. I suggest getting on a crate and hitting him when he jumps on you. Don't worry, he won't reach you. Find the Workshop on the map and use the key you found on the door and go in. Barricade the door! Use barrels and stones, but the dog will eventually bust through, so kill him. There's an arrow which says Explosives, go there. Take the TNT barrel, go back and take a left, then take another left and you'll see a barricaded tunnel. Take the note and drop the TNT barrel into the hole.
Find the Office on the map and go there. There's beef jerky in the desk drawer on the right. From the desk with the artifact take the book and a bottle of Baxtrin, then open the drawer to find a key and a note. There are batteries in the cabinet. Use the key on the chest and take the book. There's beef jerky in the cabinet on the right and a flare on the left.
Find the Workshop on the map and go there. The keycode is 8412 (it says so in the note you took). Go inside. There's an artifact and a flare on the right wardrobe. On the left there's a box with a string. Pick it up. Go forward and move the stones to pick up the axe. Go back and take the door on your left. Open the fence and use a hammer or the axe to smash the wooden planks on the left. Walk forward. There's a flare under the barrels. Pick up the box and go through a busted fence. There's an electric obstacle, so you'll have to stack two boxes on each other and jump to the other side. Smash the door with your axe. There's a dynamite in the box, and painkillers on the right. Smash the barrel with your axe. Combine the string and the bottle of Baxtrin in the inventory. Use the soaked string on the gun powder from the barrel. Go back to the place where you left the TNT...
Use the string (now it's a fuse) on the barrel, then use the lighter on the fuse and stay back!
Walk forward and take the first left to the Power room. There are two batteries, a note and an artifact on the cabinet on the right. Use the axe to smash the wooden planks guarding the big hole and push the box into the hole. Go down the ladder and pick up the battery that fell out of the box. Go back up. See those five valves? Next to the closest one is a sign Batteries. Use the battery there. Get out of the Power room. Go left, then right and on the left you see a barrier, a closed fence and a keypad. There’s a dog on the other side. Go forward and turn right. Walk through the door. In the room stack two boxes on each other in front of the cabinet with three boxes on it. Get on the boxes and pick up a white fuse from the top shelf. From the other cabinet pick up beef jerky, flare and a note. There’s also a broom you can take. Get out of the room and go right. There are doors leading to the communication room. Pick up the radio from one table and a note from the other. You hear beeping sounds. It’s actually Morse Code for 5738. Go back to the Power room. Let’s number the valves: the one next to the battery is number 1 and the next one’s are accordingly numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. Turn the valves in the following order: 2, 3, 5, 4, 1. Go to the generator and pull the lever. A fuse will be destroyed. Go back to the valves and replace the fuse under valves 2 and 3. Pull the lever again…
Leave the Power room and go to the fence. This is the first time you hear a man talking from the radio. Use the keypad and enter the code 5738. Kill the dog. Take a look on the map and walk through the door on the right. Turn left and kill the dog. There is a fence blocked with a wooden plank on the right. Find the Tool shed on the map and go there. From the cabinets pick up the saw, flare, batteries and a note.
Find the Excavation on the map and go there. Watch out for another dog. Walk through the tunnel. There’s an artifact and a note on the table on the far left. You see a tunnel on the ceiling if you look up standing next to the knocked lamp. Take the bigger part of the broken ladder, then jump and attach it to the hooks under the tunnel. You must now jump and grab the ladder. Use a box to your advantage. You walk into the tunnel…
Now you must be very quick. If you take the first left you see a couple of eggs, from which deadly spiders will come out. Don’t go there, run forward to the place with blood on the floor and go left. Crawl through and immediately use your lighter on the oil on the floor. Then move the rock from one hole to another to block the rest of the spiders. Go through the tunnel and grab a rock. Throw it into the green slime. Now there’s a part where you must run like wind. If you go down a big rock will start rolling after you, so just run! At the bottom turn left, take out your axe and start smashing the wall, cause the spiders are after you. Run, smash and don’t stop! Finally you fall down a tunnel and land in the Storage, which was closed from the inside.
Behind you is a locker with painkillers. Door to the left is closed, take the door to your right. You pass a ventilation shaft on the left, which you can smash, but we’ll get back to that later. You enter a room with four cabinets. There are two flares on the left. Get out the way you came from and go right. You pass another ventilation shaft. Go forward and you enter another room with cabinets. You find a flare, batteries and beef jerky on one cabinet. On the right there’s a green box hanging on the wall, in which there’s a key you must take (approach the box from the right and move the cover to the left). Go back and smash the first ventilation shaft you see (on the right). Crouch and move forward. Smash another shaft in front of you. You enter a room with a box hanging from a machine. Go to the control room on the right. There’s an artifact, so you can save your game. There’s a book in one of the lockers. Now use the controls to move the box to the far left side of the room, so that when you jump on another box you will reach the ventilation shaft under the ceiling. After you reach and smash the shaft move forward and don’t fall down after you turn left. Keep crawling until you see another shaft. Smash it and fall in the room. Pick up the gasoline canister. Watch out for the steam. Now you must get out of the Storage.
Remember the fence blocked with a wooden plank? It’s near the place where you first walked into this part of the mine. Anyway, use the saw on the plank and cut it. Walk through the door. Go left and kill the dog. Head to the Auxiliary shaft. Before you take the last left there’s a table and a note on it in front of you. Go into the Auxiliary shaft. Save the game using the artifact on the far left. Grab each ends of the power cable and stick it to both sockets (the power cabinet and the table). Insert the key you found in the Storage into the hole on the table next to the joystick. In the inventory use the hammer on the gasoline canister to open it and then use the canister on the big digging machine. Use the key to start the machine and push the joystick up. The machine will dig through the wall and uncover a door on the right. You enter a new part of the mine…
Use the wooden planks to get to the other side without falling down. Turn right and approach the door. Now here’s the scary part: you hear some noises and after a few seconds the door will be smashed by a HUGE worm. Run back and step on the planks. The worm will fall down. Walk into the room the worm just came out. The door on the left is closed. Go right through the tunnel. Take the first left and kill two spiders. I hope you have at least one dynamite to destroy all eggs and spiders on the left. Go forward and turn left, there’s a room. Pull the lever in front of you and run back to the room where the worm came from. The closed door is now open. You enter a new part of the mine again…
Go forward and take the first left. There’s a map on the wall. Go to Shaft 13 and kill the dog on your way. On the bridge turn right into the tunnel. It collapses after you walk in. Go forward and always stick to the left side. There is a lot of spiders and spider eggs, but you don’t have to kill them all. Eventually you walk into a room with some lockers. Roll the big rock on the left to block the way you came from (spiders won’t go in). There’s a note on the bench. Pick up all things from the lockers. In one locker on the right there’s a helmet under which there’s a blank note you must take. Get out of Shaft 13.
Look at the map and go to the Tool storage. From there pick up a screwdriver and wire cutters. Opposite the Tool storage is Section C, but you don’t have the code yet.
Look at the map again and go to the Refinery. Kill the dog while you’re at it. In the Refinery go up the stairs on the left. Push the buttons until all three crushers are up. Crawl under them. Pick up some things from the little room on the right. Grab one rock and put it on the rubber tape under the crushers. Go after it. Now put the rock on the other tape and go back to the other side. If you’re quick enough, you’ll see how the rock drops down the ladder. Go up the ladder and push the button to the left. A tape at the bottom to the left of the crushers will be uncovered. Go to the little room under the ladder and pick up the red object from the cabinet on the left. It’s a motor. Drop it onto the uncovered tape. Go up the ladder and use the rock to block the fan so that it will eventually explode. Go through the shaft. Put the motor that arrived on the tape into the space opposite the sign. Use the button and get on the tape. Now you must get to the other side of the room without being killed by the steam. Each time the steam shows it appears at different squares. You can count them and find a safe route to the other side. After you successfully get to the other side, move the barrels to uncover the shaft, because the door upstairs is closed. Smash the shaft and crawl inside. Take the first right and go a little way up. Use another shaft to get out. You are now in Shaft 12 that was previously closed. Move the cart blocking the door, but don’t go outside. Turn around and go down. Jump onto another cart and use the wire cutters to cut the wires blocking the cart. Push the cart down. The cart smashes a wall. Go inside. You enter a room that looks like a classroom. There is an artifact on a desk. In one of the shelves of the desk there’s a newspaper you must take. Go to the closed door on the right and use the newspaper to slide it under the door. Next use the screwdriver to push the key from the door. It will land on the paper, so pull it and gather the key. Walk inside the room. On the left there’s a switch. Use it to turn on an UV lamp. Now use the blank note you picked up earlier to reveal the code (1371). Go back to Section C and use the code…
There’s a map on the wall on the left. Go to the Chemical storage. Kill the dog on your way. Use the left door of the storage from the map, because the other one’s closed. Walk inside. Go forward and you’ll see that something is smashing the door which you came from. It’s that huge worm again. You must be very quick now: run through the first door and use the button on the left. Run right and jump through the green slime. Push another button on the right. Smash the wooden planks with your axe. Put two boxes in the green slime and jump to another side. Smash the wooden column with your axe. You’re safe now. Turn the valve to open the door and walk inside. Save the game using the artifact. In this room you must find six glasses containing some chemical stuff. You’ll also find flares and beef jerky. Use the door to get out of this room.
Find Lake Utuqao on the map and go there. Go through the tunnel until you see two barrels, a backpack and a note. There are painkillers in the backpack. Save the game using the artifact. You must now get to the far other end of the frozen lake. Be careful, because the ice will break if you walk too long on it. Walk slow and stop when the ice starts to break. After you manage to get to the other side you see a frozen hand carrying a crowbar. Use your saw on the hand and pick up the crowbar. Go back through the lake and to the exit.
The last stop is the Incinerator. Find it on the map and go there. Use the crowbar on the door and go inside. Turn left and use the wooden planks to go forward and of course don’t fall down. At the end open the door and go inside. There are painkillers on the right. Pick up a fuse from the desk’s drawer. Pick up the glass from another desk and use it on the little three legged handle on the desk. Turn the valve on the gas tank. Use the lighter to light the gas. From the inventory use the glass with the chemical marked D on the glass on the desk. Then use the chemical marked F. You’ve just created an explosive. Pick it up and go all the way back through the wooden planks. Remember that you’re carrying explosive, so don’t throw it anywhere. After walking down the planks go left and put the explosive on the rocks. Use the fuse on it, light it and stay back! Go down…
The doors on the left and center are closed, so go right. Open the next door and… you found Red. He’s locked in the Incinerator. He will ask you to kill him by pushing the button on the right and setting fire in the Incinerator. There is no other way, you must push the button. After Red burns, look down and get the key. Go back and open the door on the left. This is his room. Look around. Use the artifact to save the game. Use the door on the right and walk inside another room. On the far right move the wardrobe to reveal a power box. Use the screwdriver to open it. Cut the wires with the wire cutter, go back and use the crowbar on the center door…
Pick up the note and go down. Open the door, and turn right. You’re in a long tunnel. You see somebody far away. The rest I leave to you…

07-04-2009, 10:44 AM
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RE: Penumbra: Overture - Text Walkthrough

bumping from page 6....
11-09-2010, 12:28 AM
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RE: Complete Walkthrough part 1

(04-07-2007, 03:52 AM)Thaliur Wrote: (Basically my first post)

What happened to the file I attached? The forum says klutzon edited my post, so I guess he removed it, but that brings up two additional questions:

How? This guy is no moderator, and he's definitely not me!

Any way to get it back? Just asking, because I would still like to provide this walkthrough to everyone here, but I deleted my local files by accident and don't have enough time to write the whole thing again.

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