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Amnesia A.M.F.P. Troubleshooting Guide
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Solved: 10 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks ago Exclamation  Amnesia A.M.F.P. Troubleshooting Guide

Problem A: Amnesia won't start

1. Make sure your graphics card supports the game and that you have updated drivers

Because Amnesia uses OpenGL, your graphics card may not support the minimum version required or your drivers may be outdated even though you can run most other games (which use Direct3D). In order to learn more visit the Graphics Card Troubleshooting Guide.

2. Make sure the game is updated

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs updates can be found HERE. The Steam version updates automatically.

3. Reset game settings

Sometimes changes you have made can cause problems with the game. In order to fix this you need to reset the game's settings. Go to the game's save directory and remove the main_settings.cfg file. Then start the game from the launcher without changing anything. If all works, you can exit the game and carefully change a few settings at a time. The save directories are mentioned below, at Problem X.

4. Background program interferences

It has been reported that sometimes background programs like:

Spoiler below!
ATI Tray Tools
Camtasia Studio
Emsisoft Online Armor
Open Broadcasting Software
Origin Overlay
Steam Overlay
Teamspeak Overlay
Wii U drivers
can make the game crash at startup or even randomly. Since there are bound to be more, if you have tried all of the above then it might be worth manually closing everything running in the background including any antivirus/firewall and try again.

5. No sound device found

If no sound device is found, make sure to shut down any music application or similar running and try again. If this fails, try running "aamfp.exe" directly from the install directory.

6. Bad file permissions

Sometimes the game might crash because of bad file permissions. To fix this, run as Administrator (Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x) or set so Amnesia executable has write permission on the install directory.

7. Wrong display settings

Make sure that your display supports the resolution you set at the launcher and that your desktop color depth is set to 32-bit. Also, make sure your DPI is set to default 100%.

Problem B: Amnesia is slow / occasionally freezes

1. Make sure that you have updated graphics card drivers

Check Problem A1

2. Make sure the game is updated

Check Problem A2

3. Disable performance demanding features

Some of the game settings are very demanding for certain computers. Here is a list of the most performance heavy options in the game:

Spoiler below!
- SSAO Quality: Having this to anything above Medium is very demanding. High takes 4 times more to render and should not be on unless you have a newer computer.

- SSAO Samples: Having this to anything above 16 is very demanding unless you have a newer computer.

- Edge smoothing: This is basically fake FSAA and comes at a high memory cost. It might make the game run quite slow on older computers and should give a good boost if disabled.

- World reflection: A few levels have full world reflection which can be quite heavy on some cards. Check first and then disable if needed, although world reflection looks very pretty! If removing world refection helps a lot, consider first turning down SSAO settings before turning off world reflection.

- Shadow Quality: Put this to Low for a large boost in fps, but less smooth shadows. Medium should almost have as good quality as high, so if you want to give a little boost, setting it from high to medium is a good option.

- SSAO on/off: For older cards, turning off SSAO can increase performance a bit. Make sure to turn up gamma slightly though as having it off makes the screen brighter. Also note that some older cards might freeze if SSAO is on (due to shaders running in software).

- Shadow Resolution: Setting this to Medium might speed up older cards.

4. Background program interferences

Check Problem A4

Problem C: Amnesia has weird or upside-down graphics / everything is black except the menu / random colors or discoloration

1. Make sure that you have updated graphics card drivers

Check Problem A1

Note: This is the proper fix for upside-down graphics as well for the black screen issue that Intel HD cards experience.

2. Make sure the game is updated

Check Problem A2

3. Turn off post effects

Go to Options > Graphics > Advanced and here you can turn on/off all of the different effects in the game. No restart of the game is needed for these changes, so simple go back to game and see if it has been fixed.

4. Reset game settings

Check Problem A3

Problem D: Fullscreen does not work

Check Problem A7

Problem E: vSync does not work / makes the game crash / screen tearing even with vSync enabled

First of all make sure that you haven't forced any sort of vSync at your graphics card control panel. At the in-game options, if you have vSync enabled but does not seem to eliminate screen tearing then make sure that Adaptive vSync is disabled and try again.

Sometimes though, vSync does not work properly and can make the game crash. To sidestep this issue, force vSync to be enabled at the graphics card control panel. It might also help to turn off triple buffering as well. However, changing options via the graphics card's control panel is not advised since it may cause slow performance and stuttering issues.

Problem F: The game crashes / freezes during gameplay

1. Write permission fail

This crash would happen during loading of new map. Check Problem A6.

2. Bad game caches

It might be that some of the game cache files are corrupted. Uninstall the game, then reinstall and see if that helps. For Steam users, check Problem I on how to do a file integrity check.

3. Turn off post effects

Check Problem C3

4. Turn off SSAO

Turn off SSAO in the launcher and see if that helps. It is known that some cards can freeze when rendering SSAO, meaning the game would get stuck after the first logos and text (when menu is supposed to show).

5. Background program interferences

Check Problem A4

6. Make sure the game is updated

Check Problem A2

Problem G: The screen is cropped and edges are not visible / Black Screen and freeze at intro logos

Check Problems A7 and F4

Problem H: I cannot change the Gamma (it always resets to default)

This is due to certain background programs interfering. Most noticeably gamma/brightness calibrators such as f.lux. Check Problem A4 for known interfering programs.

Problem I: I was told to do a Steam File Integrity Check or Local Content Deletion. How do I do that?

When it comes to Steam, usually most problems can be solved by verifying integrity of game cache (file integrity check) or by deleting local content (game uninstall).

Spoiler below!
Steam File Integrity Check
  1. Right-Click the game in your Steam library
  2. Click "Properties"
  3. Navigate to "Local Files" tab
  4. Click "Verify integrity of game cache"
Steam Local Content Deletion
  1. Right-Click the game in your Steam library
  2. Click "Delete Local Content"
  3. Install the game again

Problem J: Should I trust sites that tell me whether I can run the game or not?

No. You cannot trust any site that offers to scan your computer, detect your hardware and tell you whether the game will run or not. A typical example is the famous site "Can You Run it?". While such sites can be helpful with other games, that's not the case with Amnesia. It provides an estimation on whether you can run the game and thus in some cases it either tells you that the game will work when it doesn't or tells you that your computer is below requirements when you shouldn't have any issues. One more reason to avoid it is the fact that Amnesia A.M.F.P. minimum requirements are by design higher in order to prevent situations where people can barely play the game which can not only cause problems and dissatisfaction but also effectively ruin the game immersion.

Problem X: Nothing helps. What information do you need to help me?

1) Start a new thread and describe in detail the problem you are having.
2) Attach the file HPL.log located at the folders mentioned below.

Spoiler below!
Windows Vista, 7 & 8.x: Documents\Amnesia\Pig\
Linux: .frictionalgames/Amnesia/Pig/
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Pig
Mac OS X >= 10.7 (App Store): ~/Library/Containers/com.frictionalgames.AMFPLauncher/Data/Library/Application Support/Frictional Games/Amnesia/Pig
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