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Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion
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Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion

I'm still in shock after watching the last ep..
I just don't get it..

Deb told dexter the episode before that there was a real human being inside of him. That she was sure of it. Even Vogel and Harry admitted that Dexter changed so much these last moments. He finally found his true love, Hannah, who understands him the best. Everybody told him that he wasn't the perfect psychopath he once was.

Why didn't he believe all those things and went on to live his life in Argentina? How can he abandon Harrison and Hannah?

What do you guys think about the ending?

09-27-2013, 11:57 AM
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RE: Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion

I think this summarizes it pretty well http://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/th...ably-awful

Also, why the hell did Deb start "dating" Quinn if it wasn't going to get anywhere? All those shots of them talking about their relationship was a waste of time. Matsuka's daughter showing up out of nowhere was also completely pointless. Not to mention Vogel's appearance, who was Dexter's mother in a way, but she was never mentioned or heard from before, and was killed by her own son because he was a little jealous. Dexter also tries to teach another person how to kill, and it doesn't work out, just like in the past seasons. And the way Saxon killed that Marshal, i mean, the guy works for the police but didn't know that Saxon was a wanted murderer??? And he even unties his arms, ridiculous!! I don't know, many things went wrong.
Elway was kind of funny though, he'd lose his patience but still remain cool haha!

09-27-2013, 12:34 PM
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RE: Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion

Yeah I was very disappointed by the ending, so stupid. I would actually have preffered that Dexter would've gone to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison, not because I think the series should have ended with a happy ending, just because they've been building up towards it for so long that I'd rather see that than this inconclusive mindless garbage. Dexter even said that he felt like a human now and didn't enjoy the killing anymore. So how would he screw up in Argentina? No one would follow him to Argentina and if he didn't need to kill anymore then he wouldn't make new enemies! Instead he just had a symbolic funeral for Deb (who's death was ridiculous), drove into the storm, sank his boat and swam back to Miami so that everybody would believe he's dead and then go to "the place where serialkillers go to retire" and become a lumberjack?! So what, is he going to spend his next 40-50 years there like nothing ever happened and dump Harrison (his own son who everybody's been reminding him that he has to protect) with Hannah? This season was a very disappointing ending to Dexter, it never had any long term goals. It always changed what it was about without actually going anywhere. God, Dexter was a great series once! Anyway...
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09-27-2013, 02:41 PM
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RE: Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion

Prelauncher, the Breaking Bad finale is going to be freaking amazing. Mark my words.

But yeah, the Dexter finale was just horrible. It's not even the idea of him going into seclusion that much, just the entire execution of it. It's just so stupefying it's hard to put into words. Season 8 is one of the worst TV seasons of anything I've ever seen.
09-27-2013, 02:58 PM
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RE: Dexter - The Final Episode Discussion

Im very disappointed. Seriously... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??! I wish i never saw this episode...

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09-27-2013, 03:24 PM

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