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Another mouse cursor problem
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Solved: 9 Years, 6 Months, 4 Weeks ago Question  Another mouse cursor problem

Hello all!

I know there's a thread here about cursor problems. But my issue is more strange (or less strange, who knows? Smile ). The game runs just perfectly out-of-the-box. Install, loading, playing, graphic effects, sound - everything is fine. But... When I try to turn around, I stuck in the borders of window area. Try to explain it better... Imagine a normal X window. It's posiible to move a mouse cursor inside it. Now assume the window is the full screen. Obviously, you can't move the mouse outside the screen Smile So if you drag the mouse to left, in some moment of time it will stuck on leftmost line of the screen, so for right side too. It's a normal behavior for a normal app. But not for a first-person shooter. My center of view follows the invisible mouse cursor and screen constraints my movement! In most games, every frame we had to calculate distance between the current mouse position and center of screen, then use this as angular movement AND reset the mouse co-ords back to the center of screen. Seems like in my setup something goes completely wrong and mouse not returned to the center, so I can't turn my virtual head on 360 degrees.

Dirty hack I've using now: after settin mouse sensitivity to enormous value of 3.2, I can reach 380-400 degrees rotation, but obviously it isn't continous rotation. Every time I want to turn over the corner, I need to turn in counter-direction first. It brokes the game immersion.

Please help, maybe someone knows what I can fix in configs? Smile

P.S. I had thought that issue from the window manager and/or desktop environment. But KDE / GNOME / Openbox / TWM / LXDE was tested with completely same results. My main DE is LXDE and WM is Openbox.
12-01-2013, 05:14 PM

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