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How to make a breakable window?
KenseiDSG Offline
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How to make a breakable window?

I need to know how to make a "Breakable Window" in my Amnesia Custom Story. I have the mansionbase_large_window_breakable_1 but Its just the glass part. How do I get the full thing?
07-04-2014, 05:54 PM
Daemian Offline
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RE: How to make a breakable window?

On level editor, go to static objects, select mansion base from the list and place the object called window_noglass. That one has no glass.

You gotta put a breakable window yourself, I think it's this one: mansionbase_large_window_breakable.ent
Try setting its life to -1 and see if it breaks, If it does, you can use it.

Then add some glass particles and sounds when it breaks.
I don't remember if that entity needs a collide callback to break, you should throw something at it and check.

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07-04-2014, 06:50 PM

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