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Real permadeath - a thought experiment
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RE: Real permadeath - a thought experiment

(10-14-2014, 04:10 PM)Rött Wrote: I suppose everyone has their opinions. The show sure was enjoyable, it wasn't horrible in that aspect, but it had its flaws, which were obvious and which lowered my take on the show.

But nonetheless, my conclusion for the anime is still that there's better anime out there, even in the same, unique setting. SOA was only the first anime to implement the idea.

Can't tell before I've seen them ^-^

Thanks for the suggestions. I shall become a hardcore weeaboo now.

Let's not have this discussion run into off-topic anime! So let's leave it at that.

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10-14-2014, 04:21 PM
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RE: Real permadeath - a thought experiment

Being a weeaboo just adds color to your life. Color you wasn't already aware of before.
We'll meet at the weeaboo thread.Smile
10-14-2014, 04:28 PM
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RE: Real permadeath - a thought experiment

Man I remember there used to be an urban myth about a game called 'Killswitch' which was made by a Russian Developer (I think) where you could play as two characters, but one of them was completely invisible so no one ever played as it.

And towards the end of the game, almost every single player got stuck until one player on a forum worked out how to get to the very end of the game and revealed it, and so everyone got through and finished it. And lo-and-behold, upon the game being finished, it would delete itself. Like physically wipe itself from existence.

The Developers, much much later, revealed that the invisible character was a lot more important than the visible one, and of course no one ever had the chance to play the invisible one because there were no more copies of the game left. And so everyone tried their hardest to find the last few copies of the game ever made.

It's an interesting story, and an interesting take on real, real permadeath, even though I'm pretty sure it was debunked.

Some sources

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10-16-2014, 12:56 PM
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