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[SOLVED] Combining different meshes?
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RE: Combining different meshes?

I've come to a solution to my problem. The model I downloaded had not been textured, and the steps to loading it into Amnesia successfully were to manually texture them myself. I've combined the meshes into one .dae file, textured, and exported. The model viewer still crashed, it had some kind of problem with one of the pictures where it was not creating a .mat file for it. I read my .dae file in notepad format, and the image's name was not written in there, so it was a bug with my editing software. I transferred one of the pictures to have textures on two objects, and while the model may look a bit... strange, with shades of black in places, it finally worked. Thanks for your help @Mudbill.

EDIT: The "glitch" in my software wasn't a glitch. This modeling program only allows specifically 7 images per model. I will find a new solution to this error.
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