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Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]
Kaizerwolf Offline
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Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

Hey all,

I just wanted to say, I like how Frictional Games kept the early resources from SOMA in the real game.

Spoiler below!
In the very early demo's of SOMA, those curved hallways and pipes were still used in the end-game, around WAU's chambers. Despite it being underwater, I was still very happy to see that those older tunnels and textures still made it into the game.

I always think that's really cool, especially in today's gaming industry where early game assets are forgotten in lieu of newly created assets. I'm still curious as to what direction they were going with the brain-cases, but I loved the game as it is!

Props to the FG team for making a stellar game and using everything they could!
11-05-2015, 05:06 PM
plutomaniac Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

Have you seen this video?

I watched it yesterday. Didn't know such a video existed. When I checked the super_secret archive 10 days ago or so it definitely wasn't there.

The final game is definitely a lot better compared to that. There are a lot of differences actually. From maps, story, voices, interaction to puzzles etc.
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11-05-2015, 08:43 PM
SineDeus Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

Huge difference to the final game, very interesting first concept but the final ones is miles better. I must say though i think i prefer the british catherine to the final one
11-06-2015, 08:14 AM
Kein Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

This looks WAY more Amnesia- or Penumbraesque than SOMA. There was probably quite a few reasons why it was scrapped, but I bet the reason that Frictional didn't want to make another Amnesia/Penumbra clone was one of the important ones.

Also. 20:12 hahaha classy

"Avoid Capture"
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11-06-2015, 01:59 PM
PiratesFr33k Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

Yeah, I've seen that video, too (in the "_supersecret" archive).


VERY cool and very interesting!

Though I'd still love to see some beta gameplay with "Goth David", "Zombie David" (wasn't there a "Zombie Erin, the front desk girl" too?), the REAL hospital, "Agent Loudspeaker", the grave with "Maggot Face", and the tunnel in Simon's bedroom.

11-07-2015, 02:55 AM
cantremember Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

So after the scan the hospital looks messed up, is that supposed to be on Pathos II with Simon's mind tripping?

Final story is better indeed, in this one Munshi is much too cheery, and gives a scan for no real reason. The final story feels much darker.
11-07-2015, 11:17 AM
SlackerinDeNile Offline

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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

This is some pretty interesting stuff, haven't seen an alpha video game version that deviated so far from the final release since Half-life 2. I love the WAU in this version, not as original but its much more threatening, lively and animated than in the final product, also i'm not as fond of Catherine's voice in this version, got nothing against British accents, I just find this voice slightly grating. Whats with the Cabal and that freaky death sequence? I get the impression that SOMA was originally going to be set in a post-apocalyptic far future (ala Waterworld) with robot, mutant AND healthy human enemies.

Also was that Johan Ross's voice during the death sequence? Was he going to be an entirely different character?
11-08-2015, 04:24 AM
tatterdemalion Offline
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RE: Early SOMA Resources [SPOILERS]

(11-05-2015, 08:43 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: The final game is definitely a lot better compared to that. There are a lot of differences actually. From maps, story, voices, interaction to puzzles etc.

I'm glad they canned the "Grits or Democrats" line...
11-09-2015, 02:40 AM

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