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next game?
MsHannerBananer Offline

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RE: next game?

Frictional does horror well. I'd be happy with anything horror-related from them, regardless of its contents, but I would like to see something in space even if people draw connections/conclusions to Dead Space and Alien Isolation. I also wouldn't mind something more modern day, because it's easier to relate to something that reminds you about yourself.

SOMA did the existential crisis theme perfectly. I've never had a video game make me sit back and actually question my choices, and think about going back to a previous save in order to change what I did. I know that FG likely wants to expand their game genre, but I'd be really happy if they kept up with the horror. Not to type-cast them, but they do it well, and I feel like there is a big market for what they have to provide. I feel that they can provide a great story while still creeping out, disgusting, and scaring the absolute poop out of their players. AMFP wasn't a good example of this for the more hardened horror players, but you can have a game that really scares you while implementing thicker plots.

I really want a new game from FG, because I'm impatient, but I know that I'll like whatever they make next.

01-28-2016, 08:00 PM
MrSteve Offline

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RE: next game?

You'd better learn patience. It could take another five years Wink

This forum is already beginning to drought.
01-29-2016, 10:58 AM

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