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Blog: "Best of 2011"
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Blog: "Best of 2011"


My top 3 games of 2011. Yours?
01-02-2012, 05:10 PM
Arvuti Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

Interesting choices, I personally haven't even heard of "To the moon" and "Swords and Sorcery".

My three best games of 2011 would have to be Portal 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

I would have liked Portal 2 more if I actually was a fan of puzzle games, i'm one of those "braindead" gamers who when they don't find a solution to a certain puzzle or something they just stop playing. But the great narrative of portal 2 and cleverness of it made me finish it. Valve once again proved that they are the masters of giving characters a personality, even if the characters are robots who can't really display emotion. After playing through portal 1 the gameplay was fairly standard, but they do have ways of mixing things up with different kinds of puzzles etc. At times it seemed like valve just overdid it though, I mean several times through the game you will be running through gigantic set pieces which look impressive, but looking for one portable surface what you can shoot a portal at is just frustrating. Sometimes less is more.

Second place would have got to be Deus Ex Human Revolution. I want to start out by saying that DE:HR has done something what as far as I know no other game has done. Basing the theme around human augmentation, about the pros and cons of it. The theme really resembles the renaissance, because that's when people started dropping the whole "god made us" thing and actually started to learn human anatomy etc. Well DE:HR is about trying to take over our own evolution through transhumanism, something what we definitely have to face some time in the future. Not only s it about that, but it's in general about the future of the humankind. What's right for the humanity and what course should it take. Other than that, the visuals for the game are just simply stunning. Not only are they good tehnically, but also artistically. The gameplay is fairly unique as well, giving you a choice between stealth and combat. You are just as well rewarded from clearing out an enemy base than you are from sneaking through the place without alerting anyone.

My favourite game of 2011 has got to be the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The game literally offers you total freedom in a huge game world filled with quests to do, places to explore, monsters to kill and towns to visit. No person who plays skyrim will have the same experience and that alone is an incredible accomplishment. It's a huge upgrade from already great Oblivion with a lot of better visuals, greatly improved gameplay and level up system. The game tends to be a bit buggy but considering how Skyrim has 50x more content than you're average 7-10 hour linear game it's acceptable. Oh and the soundtrack for it is incredible, it makes exploration a total blast, seriously.
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01-03-2012, 12:44 AM
BlueFury Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

Same list as arvuti for me, but maybe ill choose bf3 instead of DE:HR, I know it was a dissapointment.

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01-03-2012, 02:23 AM
Sexbad Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

Only three? I can name a lot more excellent games than that!

Batman: Arkham City (though I haven't played that much of it just yet, everything so far is as great as the original, but bigger)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Red Faction: Armageddon
Rock of Ages
Serious Sam 3: BFE
Trine 2

Probably some others, too.
I don't stack rank, since these games are all very different from one another, but they're all god damn amazing. I should probably elaborate, but I'm quite lazy at the moment.

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01-03-2012, 10:31 PM
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

I bought "To The Moon" and I have to say it was DEFINITELY worth the money!
I even bought the soundtrack right after I finished the game!

Wonderful story, reminds me a bit of "Inception"!

Been a long time since I played a game with such an intriguing storyline!
I recommend this to anyone interested in a simple, but very emotional game!!

So thanks, Thomas, I you didn't post that game on the blog, I never would've known it!

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01-04-2012, 02:50 PM
Googolplex Offline

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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

You don't like Justine, Thomas?
01-04-2012, 07:20 PM
Arvuti Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

(01-04-2012, 07:20 PM)Googolplex Wrote: You don't like Justine, Thomas?

It's a DLC not a full game and also I think it would be cheating to include a game you made in you're best of lists.
01-04-2012, 11:22 PM
RawkBandMan Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

3 - Portal 2
2 - The Binding of Isaac
1 - Minecraft (Full Version)

Big Grin

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01-10-2012, 02:29 AM
boredgunner Offline
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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

I found 2011 to be a poor year for gaming overall. Only one game stood out as being great, and that's Skyrim but even then I think it's a bit overrated. I didn't try Batman: Arkham City, since Arkham Asylum was just a button masher and wasn't challenging or interesting. I don't understand why people like Minecraft... an 8-bit SDK? What's so great about that? Thank goodness nobody listed Battlefield 3 or MW3 here... I suppose my top 3 would be:

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2. ArmA II Free - that's right, it has more content than any other shooter that you pay money for. I have the full version now (Combined Ops) after this one won me over.
3. Anything worthy of this spot? Serious Sam 3 is good mindless fun, although worse than the previous ones in difficulty, level design, and weapons. Red Orchestra 2 is great for what it is - a PvP shooter. Either one of these I guess...
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01-28-2012, 06:57 AM
SquigPie Offline

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RE: Blog: "Best of 2011"

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. Jim Sterling (of all people) says it best in his review of it: http://www.destructoid.com/review-e-y-e-...8834.phtml

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

And well, I don't know, Portal 2?
01-28-2012, 02:23 PM

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