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NEW GAME - Titanic: Honor and Glory needs your support
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NEW GAME - Titanic: Honor and Glory needs your support

"Titanic: Honor and Glory" will be an adventure game set on board a fully explorable and faithfully recreated 3D model of the doomed liner RMS Titanic. The player will experience the voyage first hand while trying to clear his name of a wrongful accusation.

Utilizing the most cutting edge features of Crytek's CryENGINE 3, you'll experience one of the most dramatic moments in history.

The player will be able to explore the entire ship, from the top of the fourth funnel to the popeller shaft tunnels below, and every deck and room in between including all first, second, and third class public rooms, corridors, and cabins, and all crew areas and major engineering spaces. Two modes of play will be included in the game-

The player will interract with historical figures to try to solve the mystery. The player will visit every class and be forced to interract with even the most exotic areas of the ship. Story Mode climaxes with an accurate and real-time sinking of the ship.

The year is 1912. While on a train from London to Southampton, Owen "Robert" Morgan is arrested by Scotland Yard detectives for robbing the British Museum. Only thing is- Robert isn't guilty. Knowing the real villain will be fleeing England on the Titanic, the player breaks free and stows aboard the ship to hunt him down, bring him to justice, and clear his own name. Hot on his trail, with allies and enemies all over the vessel, Robert Morgan finds himself at the center of one of history's most tragic disasters.

With no time limits, a place to be, or a care in world, explore the ship as you'd like.

Wander the levels of the Grand Staircase, walk through the galleys, take a peek at the engines, wind your way through Scotland Road, mosey on over to the bridge, and explore any class and any room you'd like without the worry of a crewman catching you. Every cabin, corridor, closet, and bathroom will be accessible. In explorer mode, you may even have the option to learn more about the ship in the process through interactive guides, reading material and other interactive tidbits throughout the ship.



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RE: NEW GAME - Titanic: Honor and Glory needs your support

Sounds like a mighty ambitious project! I'll definitely keep an eye on this, even though it seems a little bit oversized to me in terms of required effort.

Oh, but it would be sooo much more interesting if it let you dive through the dark, terrifying wreck instead of letting you explore the boring, un-sunken ship... Pure, claustrophobic deep sea horror at it's finest with that sprinkle of real tragedy that really gets under your skin. *sigh* Or maybe I'm just really starved for a new horror game.
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